What is argentinaguia.com?

In 2016, the Maximus Festival occurred, a significant landmark in the global music scene.

Among the rock fans it gathered was “Gil,” a resident of Northeast Brazil from Sao Paulo, eager for bands like Shinedown, Black Stone Cherry, Halestorm, and Rammstein.

Faced with the choice of attending the festival in his hometown, São Paulo, or embarking on his first international trip, Gil opted for Buenos Aires, the captivating Argentine capital.

For Gil, the cost of traveling to São Paulo or Buenos Aires would be virtually the same, but the experience of exploring vibrant Argentine culture and the pulsating music scene promised to be unique.

This decision marked the beginning of an incredible journey. The imposing architecture, vibrant streets, and Buenos Aires’s rock scene enchanted “Gil.” He found himself immersed in a unique, intense, and captivating culture, eager to discover more.

Upon returning to Brazil, “Gil” carried more than just memories; he had a new passion. He began to consume everything he could about Argentine culture: movies, series, music, news. Whenever possible, he would return to Buenos Aires to delve into his new interest.

During this period, “Gil” also dedicated himself to learning Spanish on his own. Through movies, music, and television shows, he honed his understanding of the language, a skill that proved invaluable on his frequent visits to Argentina.

Under the pseudonym “Gil,” he created the website “ArgentinaGuia.com,” with the aim of sharing his experiences and learnings with others interested in rich Argentine culture. It became a reliable source of information and travel tips, providing readers with a unique perspective: the viewpoint of a Brazilian who fell in love with Argentina.

Now, Gil plans to move to Buenos Aires as soon as he can migrate his earnings to the internet. In the meantime, he continues to share his experiences and adventures on “ArgentinaGuia.com,” inspiring others to explore and appreciate Argentina as much as he does.

Gil spending an afternoon at the Floralis Generica park!

The author of ArgentinaGuia.com chose the pseudonym “Gil” as a way to connect with readers in a friendly and informal way, as well as to create a sense of mystery and expectation. “Gil,” a nickname with roots in both Brazilian and Argentine culture, reflects the fusion of cultures that this site seeks to represent. His true identity will be revealed once he feels that ArgentinaGuia.com has achieved its main goal: to help people not only visit but live Argentina as true locals, immersing themselves in the rich and vibrant culture of this incredible country. Until then, ‘Gil’ will continue to be the reliable guide and inducting people to know Argentina.

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