There’s a new face at!

There’s a new face at! I’m “China”, 20 years old, from Northeastern Brazil, and head over heels for Argentina, especially Buenos Aires. Even though I live in Brazil, I feel like I left a piece of my heart there since my first visit in 2022.

China and Mafalda in San Telmo, a neighborhood in Buenos Aires

It was my family who introduced me to Argentine culture, but my love for cinema and good food truly connected me to Buenos Aires. There, I could blend the best of both worlds. Oh, and I study film, so it’s a perfect match!

China watching Argentina, 1985 on its premiere day in Porteño cinemas

One fantastic thing about Buenos Aires is the ease of getting around. I can walk, ride a bike, take the bus, car, train, subway… even a SHIP! It’s quite different from the Northeast of Brazil, where transportation is not as smooth and varied.

And what can I say about Avenida Corrientes? It has a bit of everything… theaters, restaurants, and an incredible energy. If you get the chance, don’t miss out on medialuna with jamón y queso and empanadas. And no, I don’t drink alcohol, but trust me, the food in Argentina is out of this world!

Corrientes Avenue with the monumental Obelisk in the background

I’m not exactly a sports fan, but you can’t deny the passion Argentinians have for football. It’s infectious!

Back here in Brazil, when I’m not daydreaming about Buenos Aires or studying, I spend my time attending shows, theater plays, going to the cinema, reading, or just chilling with my two cats. I love animals, and I’m thrilled to see how well Buenos Aires takes care of its pets.

To quench my longing for Buenos Aires, I always keep an eye on Argentine TV shows and websites, and I count on the help of my family too. I believe that to truly enjoy a place, it’s essential to understand its history and culture.

So, are you ready to explore Buenos Aires with me and discover all the incredible nooks and crannies the city has to offer, besides the traditional tourist spots? I want to bring you a different, more authentic perspective of the city. And believe me, if I could, I’d run down every street in Buenos Aires!

So yes, there’s a new face at, and that’s me! A warm welcome to us all, shall we get started?

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